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Monday, January 23, 2012

I'd rather be Junkin'

Hello Family and Friends!!
I have discovered a new hobby here in the Dirty South, and that is Junkin'! I have made a hobby of cruising flea markets, antique shops, and consignment stores. My room is now chalked full of antique pieces I have found down here for CHEAP. I have even thought about opening up my own flea market booth down here, and selling some of my craft items. I haven't looked into it quite like I should, but can't you just see me at a flea market? I'd be in my element.

As for school, I just started my second semester down here. So far, so good. I am actually updating this blog as part of my homework for my Communication and The Internet Class. I really am looking forward to learning to build a good website so I can help my Mom get her catering business off the ground.
After this semester I have 3 semesters left, and I am home free! I talked to Rachel, and I am considering moving back to California after graduation, because the job market on the East Coast is so awful.

I am looking to buy a ticket to California but they are crazy expensive, so I will stay on the look out for cheap tickets!

I posted pictures above of my room, decorated with all things found at antique stores and flea markets I found here in Alabama! Enjoy!

Friday, December 9, 2011

9 pound, 8 ounce Baby Jesus: Happy Birthday Baby!

Hello my loyal blog followers/readers,
I know I have been checked out for quite sometime. The semester took hold, and I didn't have any motivation to write since my time was consumed by term papers and homework. A lot has happened!

My sister Olivia got married in Gatlinburg, Tennessee on top of the smokey mountains on 11-11-11. We rented out a huge 3-story log cabin that over looked the Smokey Mountains, it came equipped with a Jacuzzi on the deck, an arcade with a pool table in the basement, and more booze to kill a donkey :o) The wedding was reall beautiful, and it was a great time for all. Dave's (Olivia's husband) army buddies flew in, and our whole family flew in from all over so it was a much needed reunion/vacation/happy event. We even saw a few black bears in the wild, yes, BEARS in the wild. We would be driving back to your cabin at night time, and the bears would literally just cross the street in front of us. Kind of crazy but really neat to see.

We recently upgraded from a two-bedroom apartment to a three-bedroom apartment but in the same complex. I feel like I have moved more times then any 24 year old I know, but thankfully I love the new unit, and I have a ton more space. We now officially have a guest bedroom! So yes, all are welcome!

The last time we spoke I had picked up a second job at the Bienville Club, but that crashed and burned relatively quickly. It was a business club that overlooked Mobile, it was sort of a country club but without the golf, and the views were really spectacular. However, my first day there I did anything but serve, including but not limited to, MOPPING THE KITCHEN while still being paid server wages. What? It's one thing to help out, its another to be taken advantage of. So I never returned.

I took out a private loan to help fund my schooling, and I am hoping that I can make some serious cash at work and book a trip to California to see my peeps. I would've bought the ticket already but I have some people visiting us here, and I need to make sure my sister Rachel will be in California the time I visit.

I  was looking all over Mobile for fun vintage furniture for my new bedroom, so I was cruising some thrift stores on a Sunday morning, and had no luck. I walked up to an older lady at the store, and asked if she could recommend a consignment shop I could browse, and she proceeded to give me detailed directions to every place in Mobile I could go in her very deep southern accent. Then she goes "Or you could try Camilla's Shop down on Hillcrest, but ya know she's a real good Christian now, so I dunno if she'll be open on a Sunday cause she is a good Christian woman." Haha YESS! Only in the bible belt people, and the woman was right, the shop was closed.

There are TONS of old hillbilly men that park their pick-up trucks backwards on the sides of roads and sell everything from watermelons to fire wood out of the back. I love the South.

Christmas is here! Happy Bday Jesus! Olivia and I put up the Christmas tree, and decorated our balcony with lights. This is the first time I have done that in over two years because Rachel is not the most festive person in the world lol Rachel flies in on the 20th and stays for 2 weeks! So anyways, I have to go do some errands! I'll be writing more consistently! Talk to you soon!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Alabama: Not so bad.

Hello Blog-o-sphere!
As usual, I took forever to write my next blog, but I have a few stories for you all.
First things first,
I am Brunette now. I have been walking around with Jerry Springer-esque trashbag hair now since I moved here. My hair was a nice rainbow of every color of box-blonde on the market. I decided to dye my hair brown to get all the orange and brass out, and I have an appointment at a salon on Saturday morning to go back blonde.

My job at True is going really well. I love everybody, the job is great, and for the first time in a long time, I have job I do not dread going into. Unfortunately, I have been constantly broke. I joined on to True right in the heart of their slow time, and so I have been making enough to barely meet my bills with no extra money what-so-ever. Even though I tried to avoid it, it was inevitable for me to have to pick up a second job. So I searched Craigslist for part-time work, and found the Bienville Business Club in Downtown Mobile. The Bienville Club is like a Country Club, but without the Golf. Companies or individual people pay to be a member, and then they can dine there. It is fine dining restaurant, and it is on the top floor of a skyscraper. I signed on to be a Special Events Server, so I am hoping to make some extra cash. Here is something you can appreciate...on New Year's Eve they drop a huge Moon Pie off the side of the building :o) For those of you not familiar with a Moon Pie is a giant Southern Marshmallow Treat. Haha Classy. Lol I just need to make enough cash to dig myself out of debt, and get a couple hundred in the savings account, and then I will go back down to just school and True again.

One thing I love about here is how polite the men are to women, even guys my age!! When I am on campus, looking so BUSTED in sweatpants, a baggy tshirt, glasses, and no makeup, guys still hold open doors for me. They let girls on the elevator first, and hold the elevator open so girls get off first. If a guy cusses in front of a girl down here they apologize. They hold open doors for girls, and if a girl is walking up to a door a guy will stop what he is doing, walk over and open the door for you. No I am not making this up. This happens everyday when I am on campus.

Now that I am getting more used to my school, I recently submitted a writing sample to the school newspaper, so I can start writing for them on a regular basis. I am also looking into joining the Student Government. I will keep you posted on how that goes.

I have been religiously going to class, without skipping, and it has made such a great impact on my grades. I just took my midterms, and did great on every single one, including MATH which is a miracle for me. So I am adjusting well.

I am on the fitness bandwagon. I have been working out in my workout facility every night, and eating healthier for the most part. I cut out all fast food, and substituted water for pop. I am really trying to shed some of the pounds I packed on by eating wayyy to much soul food. I was working out the other day in the workout facility, and had my IPOD turned up. I thought I was alone, but all of sudden felt someone grab me on the arm. I screamed so loud. I turned around and there was an older black man behind, who was offended by my reaction. He said "Umm, I was just trying to tell you the elliptical machine was off track." I was still breathing heavy from being startled, I thanked him but told him he scared the hell out of me. He was still offended and said "You didn't see me come in?" Clearly not. I am so frightened all the time of being robbed or murdered. I don't think most people are as on-edge as me. Haha

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Kicking Ass and Taking Names

 A few days ago, a wave came over me where I literally power cleaned and organized our entire apartment. I cleaned, organized, dusted, rearranged, unpacked, and got this apartment in prime time shape. It felt great, and I was FINALLY able to take pictures of my room for you guys, and the apartment.

So my oldest sister Rachel, the one I lived with in California, has been out of the country living in Australia for the summer, and just got back to San Jose, CA today.  She came back to a half empty apartment, and no doggy-woggy aka Sonny. We have been talking about letting her take Sonny to live out there with her to help keep her company. Rachel and I adopted Sonny together, and he is equal parts mine and hers, so I think it will be good for the both of them to spend time together, and keep each other company.

The weather here is finally gorgeous. The Fall time has brought a cold front in that kills the humidity, and it is just beautiful and sunny everyday. We have been able to turn off our A/C, and have the windows open for the first time since living here.

I have been trying to get creative on how I can trick myself into exercising more. I have been taking Sonny for walks in the historical home district of Mobile. I get to see the most beautiful Southern homes, all the while getting exercising with Sonny.

I took midterms today! I feel like I did really well on both, so this semester is rolling along, and I feel like I have been doing a good job balancing work and school.

Unfortunately, it is super slow for the restaurant industry down here, so I have been researching getting a second job. I will keep you all posted on what I decide.

Desk Area in my room

Vanity area in my room

Living Room

My bathroom/ vintage pinup girl theme

My bathroom
Dining Room/Kitchen

My bathroom
Enjoy the pictures!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Dogs are good, Beer is Great, and people are crazy

It has been a little chaotic these days....
First of all, I am heading into midterms next week, and on top of all that studying, I am in the process of training at my new job. I am having to memorize a lot of different stuff all at one narrow window of time and it is overwhelming.

The dogs were sick last week with a respiratory infection, and so there was a lot of sneezing, coughing, and late night hacking. After some medication, rest, and some holistic remedies, they are back to good health.

As I have been reporting in my blogging, Sonny has been putting on pounds since living down in the dirty. He isn't used to so much heat and humidity, and usually will just run over to the shade and lay down when we try and exercise him. One thing that has been working is fetch, he loves it, and he still tries to lay down but will usually chase the ball and bring it back before laying down for a break. So yesterday Olivia and I took him out to the field behind our apartment complex, and he ran down to get the ball he sliced his back right paw open on  some rocks. Olivia and I didn't notice he was bleeding until we got back in the apartment, and he was bleeding really bad. We put him in the tub, and ran water on it, and there was so much blood we still couldn't see what happened. Eventually we were able to find where he sliced his paw, and bandaged him up. The picture above is his little make shift cast we put on his back right paw to help stop the blood. My poor baby angel is doing better, and we were able to take off the bandage today.

So I have to tell you guys this story about my new job at True. So yesterday, I had the night off work, but when I got out of class my boss called me and said "First off, I want to apologize for calling you on your day off, but Eddie has bronchitis and can't work tonight, and we could really use your help tonight because we are going to be really busy." I told her yes, for sure I can help out. So I came in, and she thanked me profusely for helping out, and kept telling me throughout the shift how good I was doing. Then at the end of the night she was like "Hey, you can go, but before you leave, I want to buy you dinner for coming in and helping out" I told her she didn't have to do that, and she said "No, I want to, you really did us a favor by coming in on your day off. So what can we make for you? Whatever you want on the menu, do you want the lamb? Steak? Whatever you want." They literally cooked me a Filet Mignon, that they even fully plated, with mashed potato and asparagus. I was eating in the back with a glass of water, and my boss came up and handed me a glass of red wine to drink with my meal.
YES! I seriously have never worked at a place that is so polite, accommodating, and grateful to their employees in my life. Everyone is so nice to me, and my bosses seriously go above and beyond. It is now a cliche, that everything happens for a reason, but seriously, the garbage that went down around me leaving, Noja happened for this reason, to bring me an even better job! Quitting was a blessing in disguise. This new job is so great, and the management is so professional and generous. I know serving is just temporary until I graduate, but you have no idea, when you are in school, it sucks if you have to pull full-time credit hours, and hate your job. Life is good if you can just worry about getting good grades, without having to worry about dreading my job too. So, as I said before, when you follow your heart, and do what us right, the universe will ALWAYS take care of you. I knew I couldn't swallow shit, and even risked quitting my job suddenly, without a backup plan, but it turned out for the best.

One story I forgot to mention in my blog, was the night I quit Noja, a girl I served with there named Kelly and I hit the town that night to celebrate. We went to almost every bar in downtown, and drank our feelings! Haha We had such a blast, and...brace yourself...I went to my first Southern Gay Bar!! Yes, a gay bar in the bible belt, so you KNOW it is a good time. Lucky for us, they had a drag show that night! The only thing more fabulous then a Drag Queen, is a Southern Drag Queen. They were all so fierce, over the top, and we literally had the most amazing time. There was even a Drag Queen that came up singing a techno version of Sweet Home Alabama Haha It was great!!

In other news, my obsession with big Southern homes, has continued. Olivia, Dave, and I took a drive through a random neighborhood with cute Southern homes. Unfortunately, it was completely down pouring so the pictures are not as clear, but you get the point! I will keep snapping photos of beautiful homes!!

As for my financial status, Unfortunately, I have been making training wages thus far, so I am probably the brokest I have been in years. Once I start getting steady paychecks, it will be good, but right now I am feeling the pinch. Tonight is my first night on the floor on my own, so I will start making the cash I am used to making. sort of. They tip pool out here, so you don't get cash, it all comes in your paycheck that is paid out weekly on Fridays. I have been pondering getting a second job for a little while to help me catch up on bills, but we will see.

One great Southern phrase that I love is "Don't be ugly." or "I don't want to be ugly but..." In California people will usually start a sentence with "Not to be a bitch but..." but here they use "ugly" lol Which usually refers to gossiping or saying something mean about someone or something lol Another thing is everyone will say "You have a blessed day now" instead of "good day" which I think is cute, even for an atheist like me lol

Ok bloggers until next time!!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

New Job, New Dog, New Apartment: Times they are a changin'

Sonny on the left and Scooter, the stray, on the right
You may have to click on this picture to make it larger, but this person had their 4 sons chillin the back of their pick-up. You are in Alabama now, baby!

Olivia and I found a great new country breakfast joint
First Day at True

Hey Everyone!
Yesterday was Day 2 of training at the new restaurant, and WHAT A DIFFERENCE! They are more fine dining geared then the last place, with a large wine list, and an intricate menu. We don't wear aprons, and dress in all black. Chef True was a James Baird Semi-Finalist, graduated from the Culinary Institute of America, and is always winning cooking competitions around the South.
Everyone at True has been super welcoming, and understood why I left Noja, and even said they were happy I stuck to my guns. I have a few semesters left of school before I graduate, so this is a job I can see getting me all the way to graduation. The servers make good money, and the managers are normal (what a concept!!).
Through out the first night, Chef True would literally cook me full on entrees, like garnished properly and everything, and say "Here I cooked this for you to try!". You can tell he has a passion for food, and everything was super tastey. At the end of last night, Bobbi came up to me and handed me $25 for helping her out with her tables, and even gave me two bottles of wine to take home and have. Both of which were beyond nice. Everything turns out for the best, and I love my new job.

As for the new dog, well, Olivia and I were walking the dogs one night, and Sonny took off. He started playing with this dog, and we quickly realized he had no owner. He was so scared he wouldn't let us catch him. Then finally we started putting dog food on the porch for him, and eventually Olivia trapped him in the house. He was in bad shape. He is was malnourished, covered in fleas, and dirty. We gave him some TLC. We gave him a flea-dip, bathed him, and took him to the vet to get neutered and shots. We were trying to just be foster parents, and just charge people for the cost of the neutering. However, he seems to always find his way back here. I posted an ad on Craiglist, and I got only 1 response. We gave him to one woman who saw my ad, and 3 hours later she called us and told us we had to come get him because he didn't get along with her dogs. He is getting along nicely, and I think he could end up being Sonny's brother.

Olivia, Dave, and I live in a 2 bedroom apartment as of right now. We went to a Resident Event, and ended up talking to our Property Manger. She told us she would let us move into a 3 bedroom, which is only 100 more a month, and no transfer fees in October. We said YES! We need the extra room. So October we are moving into a bigger place.

School is going good. I am entering mid-term time. So just overwhelmed with studying, but I haven't been skipping, and keeping good attendance in my classes. I even attended a Study-Better Seminar that taught different and effective ways to study, take notes, and time manage.

Some random fun, Olivia and I have been on the hunt for a great breakfast spot. We wanted just a hole in the wall place with great cheap breakfast. We found it!! It is called Bama Breakfast, super down-home country, and it has THE BEST biscuits and gravy we ever had. On our way to breakfast we saw a pickup truck that literally had their four little sons sitting on the bed of the truck cruising down a busy highway.  I took pics of the new breakfast location, and the 4 kids in the back of the truck.

I have been making friends here, and going out for drinks. People here are so nice, and I love it here!

Things are looking up!!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I got a new job! True-th always wins!

Picture of my new job ^

Hello Everyone!
Well, after the proverbial shit hit the fan at Noja on Saturday night, I wasted no time applying for jobs. Monday I got dressed, printed out resumes, and walked up and down the main drag of Downtown Mobile applying for jobs. I ended up getting hired at a place called Cafe 615, which is like an upscale bistro. I knew by the interview I wasn't going to make as much money as Noja, but a job is a job.
My sister and Dave encouraged me to write an e-mail to True, a restaurant of the same caliber of Noja. I was hesitant because I interviewed with them when I first moved out here, and turned them down. Eventually, a few weeks later, I started working at Noja. But I thought, what the hell do I have to lose? So I wrote an e-mail to True asking if they had a position available, and if they did, I'd love the opportunity to try for it again. I waited apprehensively, but I got an e-mail back saying they wanted to meet with me tomorrow at 3! So I just got back from meeting with her. I explained to her what happened at Noja, and that I just didn't like working for Chakli, and she said she understood. She offered me the job again. I start tomorrow night at 5pm! YES! Here is the website so you can check it out The lady is so nice, and the restaurant is beautiful, and the servers make the same amount of money as Noja servers.
I have to tell you, even though I was proud of myself for sticking to my guns, it is ALWAYS stressful quitting a job, especially when you don't have another one lined up. I have been so anxiety ridden about the whole thing. I was worried I was not going to be able to find a job, or find a job just as good, or not get a second chance at True. I feel that when you stick up for what is right, the universe will take care of you. I am so thankful for being able to find another job! I am carrying a full load at school, and not having a job was stressing me out to no end, so I am relieved!!
Thanks for everyone's support!! I love you guys! I will keep everyone up to date on how the new job goes!